Developed by Dr. Ron Duncan, a leading industry expert, and William T. “Tim” Hiers. 

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Installed on golf courses and sports fields all over the world, including facilities in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Central America.  CLICK HERE for a list of Platinum TE clients worldwide. 


Key Characteristics: 

  • Shiny dark green color – exceptional striping

  • Better greens speeds – increased golfer satisfaction

  • Superior tolerance for low lighting – thrives in shade conditions

  • Rapid rooting and establishment from sprigs – grows quickly

  • Excellent disease resistance – reduced turf management products

  • Tolerance for wide-range of mowing heights – usable from tee to green

  • High tolerance for salt conditions – grows especially well in coastal regions

  • Exceptional wear/traffic tolerance – resilient on any course

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