When passion and precision meet in a turfgrass, the result is Platinum TE™. This paspalum innovation from Dr. Ron R. Duncan delivers unsurpassed playability and appearance combined with renowned service and expertise. Platinum TE features a darker green color than other paspalum cultivars, which results in superior striping capability. Plus, Platinum TE plays as good as it looks. Thanks to its very fine leaf blade texture and short internode spacing, this turfgrass offers a very compact canopy surface that provides exceptional ball setup and puttability. When it comes to low light intensity conditions, Platinum TE has exhibited superior growth performance and sustainability making it an ideal choice for areas with persistent cloudy or rainy climatic patterns. Platinum TE has high salt tolerance and performance with proper management. This naturally selected paspalum is certified and licensed, and is perfect for installation from tee to green. Platinum TE is the turfgrass of choice for more than 150 golf course and sports field projects around the world.

True excllence in turf. Platinum Paspalum is shade-tolerant, salt-tolerant, recovers from divots quickly. www.platinumte.com